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Submitting Music to LoveCat
Do you have great songs? 
We are always looking for original music and would love to hear yours.
We're interested in high-quality recordings where both the masters and the publishing are available.
Note—we cannot work with "cover versions" OR with songs that "sample" other songs.
If you are a publisher, musician, manager, or record company rep with original music that you'd like to submit, please send us your demo CD or finished product.
Send all inquiries to:  
We are looking for . . .

  • current top 40 pop with vocals
  • reggaeton, Latin Hiphop
  • salsa, mambo, merengue, bachata.
  • rap, hiphop and R&B. No samples.
  • songs with these themes (all styles):
    • free, freedom
    • moving, action
    • happiness, joy, feeling good
    • friends, family